Tuesday, December 19, 2023



Hasbro keeps sending me stuff early. Well, as long as it’s Marvel stuff,. Star Wars stuff can apparently take its sweet fucking time.
Anyway, I’ve gotten four of the five of the six figures from the Marvel Legends No Way Home wave. Andrew Garfield will be making his way to me soon, and the Sandman figure is bad and should feel bad.

We kick off with a Tobey Spidey and a Final Swing Tom Holland Spidey. The former is something I didn’t have, and the latter is nice because it’s another variant of Classic Spidey, plus it’s also the best MCU Spider-Man costume since Civil War / Homecoming.

They come with masked and unmasked heads, and not enough hands. As has been said by my favorite toy YouTuber, there’s no reason every Spidey shouldn’t come with a minimum of six hands - two fists, two thwips, two wall-crawling. I’d argue two pointing as well for That Reason, but minimum six. Tom Holland comes with six, but Tobey only has one fist and one wall-crawl. 

Beyond that, they’re pretty standard Spideys, with much the same articulation as my other ones and not quite as much as that one Spidey I didn’t get that they keep not using for other Spidersmen. But that they did use for the Deadpool I just got. I’m not saying this is why there were just big layoffs at Habro, but I’m not NOT saying that.

Meanwhile, the DUDES IN SUITS collection, which I’ve redubbed NORMIE SQUAD to be more inclusive, grows by two with MJ and Matt Murdoch.

MJ is fine. I mean, she’s accurate and the head is good and the single elbows go past 90 and she has extra hands and she comes with the McGuffin Box from the movie, so you really can’t ask for much more than that.

Matt Murdoch is THIS close to perfect. He comes with the Caught Brick and his cane, and the only thing he’s missing is a right hand with an up-down hinge at the wrist instead of a right-left hinge at the wrist so he can hold his cane out in front of him properly instead of an awkward vertical. I may have to root through my Marvel Hands Bag to see if there are any White Dude ungloved hands with the correct hinge.

I expect to see Andrew Garfield after the holidays, since the next two Mondays are holidays and we all know Garfield hates Mondays.

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