Thursday, October 5, 2023


 In yet another undisclosed location, getting caught up on posts before I return to a feet-high stack of preorder boxes. DOUbZLE DANHAUSENS!

Danhausen’s first two 6” figures finally shipped to me. First up on the left left and right right is the Very Nice Very Evil Ringside Collectibles exclusive. He came with three heads, a bunch of hands, and a fully wired cloth cape, which is the big draw.

The pants are ring gear but they’re not the usual ring gear. And the original pictures of the pants were so bad I contemplated not getting this, but they have lots of details that first shot didn’t show. The packaging is also amazing. That’s the cardboard insert behind them in the shot, and the center panel is lenticular so the spirals…. spiral. It’s very cool.

If I had a complaint, it’d be that the cape’s a bit too small. I know WHY it’s a bit too small, because production is difficult, but as you can see he can’t quite hold it outstretched in both hands, so it’s a little undersized.

Otherwise, standard Jazwares - good articulation, good sculpt, great tattoo paint, etc.

The other figure is Unrivaled 13 Danhausen, the first announced figure, in the black and red tooth stitch sweater thingy. Two heads, similar hands, usual joints, usual quality. Don’t want to undersell this - Jazwares makes a decent figure except when they don’t, and they did here, and it’s a great Danhausen, and most importantly, it’s Danhausen. I’ve just been seeing it so much from preorder to delivery to vacation that it’s settled in that there are for real Danhausen toys just out there in the world. But it’s a hell of an achievement.

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