Friday, September 29, 2023

Pre-Vacation Clearance Party!


Writing this from an as-yet-undisclosed location, because I’m watching preorders charge and ship while I’m on vacation and it’s gonna get hectic so I’d better be all caught up.

Went to Target for some essentials and also because I heard the deluxe Avengers Marvel Legends had hit half-off clearance within a month or so of their release. Found me a Hawkeye with Skycycle, who was unappealing at $50 and very appealing at $25.

It’s a classic comics Hawkeye, in the purple, as you can see, and he has his hoverbike. It’s all very nice and well executed except for the bike’’s flying stand (not pictured) because it’s made of their soft whitish flying stand plastic which bends and flexes and it's bad at holding weight.

Pictured here with the classic Black Widow, natch. In front of trees because the clear canopy is cool but hella difficult to photograph on a greenscreen.

Also on clearance were half of the Honor Among Thieves figures, Simon, Helga, and Forge. These are pretty standard Hasbro “real person” figures in the vein of Black Series and Indiana Jones. They’ve got good detail and paint, minimal accessories, and less articulation than your Marvel or Power Rangers figs. But again, half off.

It does mean I need to track down the rest of the line, but they’re readily available so I can look for deals. once the startling late-September preorder wallet hit wears off.

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