Thursday, October 19, 2023

FIG PHOTO: “Sugahausen”

I don’t have any plans currently for any big projecxts, so I’ve just kind of been fucking around mixing and matching new stuff as the mood strikes.

The X-Men ‘97 Rogue comes with two sets of hands. One pair of fists, and then one bare hand and one hand holding the other hand’s glove, which is, quite frankly, brilliant. Lets you come up with poses for her using her draining/absorbing power on people.

Danhausen is people. And unintended consequences happen.

That’s really all there is to it - just popped off Rogue’s head and carefully balanced one of my spare Danhausen heads on the peg. A more ambitious person would have tried to digitally or physically do something to keep the Rogue hair with the Danjhausen face but I am not that person.

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