Saturday, October 14, 2023


When I got back from this year’s Europe trip, I had COVID and a giant pile of toys. Both were expected, to a certain extent, but I was hoping for less of both. But apparently everything is shipping in October except for the things that are supposed to ship in October, Amazin.

Anyway, I got some Marvel Legends. Two of the three X-Men 97 figs I preordered, because they go well with the animated VHS ones I’ve been getting. First is Magneto, who’s a little more Slenderman / anime proportions in the new show but is still quite nice. Wouldn’t have minded an unmasked head though. 

And then Rogue, who, again, is what I wanted - pretty much classic 90’s style. She comes with bonus hands that I used for a different pic so I’ll talk about those when I post that but they’re very specific and awesome. 

Finally, I got the two pack of Deadpool and Bob, Agent of HYDRA. I somehow never got a comic Deadpool, and this one is on Hasbro’s best dude body. Plus, they come with a shit ton of accessories in colors that are apparently a nod to the old TMNT toys. I just know I got a pink rocket launcher.  And Bob, who’s a perfectly serviceable goon dude since I’m unfamiliar with the character. 

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