Tuesday, October 31, 2023


This wasn’t supposed to be out until around SWEET CHRISTMASQ!

 In the latest example of I Don’t Understand How Hasbro Works department, a single figure from the January Marvel Knights wave shipped in November. The other figure I preordered from the wave hasn’t shipped, and I haven’t seen any signs that the ones I skipped shipped, but Luke Cage? Have him in late October, everyone!

I’m not complaining, per se, about getting toys early. It’s just very confusing.

Anyway, this is as classic-look a Luke Cage as you’re gonna get currently - yellow shirt, arm bands, tiara thingy - but all slightly modernized to a 90’s Marvel Knights look vs. the 70’s Blaxploitation look. It’s pretty standard Marvel Legends fare, although one of those bodies with zero torso articulation, so he’s a bit stiff twixt neck and waist. It’s because of the overshirt, I’m sure, but Jada Toys does it with the Street Fighter dudes.

Anyway, this is A Character I’ve Wanted in the line and now I’ve got him!

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