Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Flash: “Harry And The Harrisons”No

Oh, just fuck off with this already, Flash.
No, really. Fuck off. Three episodes away from the end of another awful season, and you decide to devote it to Bad Accent Theater.
Not only does this episode feature the return of Amunet Black’s horrible fake British accent, it also features a much more natural Southern accent she puts on for like ten seconds, giving us false hope that she wouldn’t be talking like a chimney sweep cosplayer for the entire episode.

And then we have naother Counicl of Wells, featuring a New Yorker, a Frenchman, and the fucking Matthew McConachey Wells for some reason, and it’s all worse than you can possibly imagine.

The plot, such as it is, centers around convincing Amunet to blow up DeVoe’s satellites. She’s evil, so she double crosses them, but she inexplicably has some good in her despite being a HUMAN TRAFFICKER so she gives Team Flash a metal bomb or something. Also, Caitlin wants to be Killer Frost again and that’s part of it but whatever.

The subplot involves Iris wanting to publish an expose on The Thinker so that Star City can panic knowing they’re all going to be turned as dumb as the writers. She argues with Barry about it, wins, publishes the article, and it “works” as people pour in signgings of DeVoe, because that’s how this works in general and it’s also how it works with a superintelligent dude who’s absorbed the powers of a shapeshifter and can look like anybody.

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