Sunday, May 20, 2018

Arrow: “Life Sentence”

The sixth season of Arrow is on the books, and it ended in a way that was satisfying to watch, but didn’t redeem an otherwise awful season.
The final fight with Diaz went down like a lot of Arrow final fights, with a bunch of goons going down, buncha dudes fought each other, sparky explosions, doot de doo.

The three main things that happened a bit differently this time is that a minor character died (Quentin Lance, because Paul Blackthrone got a better offer on another show), the villain got away (why did the second shittiest villain in Arrow history have to be the first to escape?) and Oliver outed himself as the Green Arrow and went to prison for it to spare Felicity and the team.

Now, my over/under for how long Oliver STAYS in prison next year is three episodes. But being the Green Arrow publicly is finally a part of the show, and I hope they run with it.

They also casually droped the name “Longbow Hunters” into the finale, although they don’t seem to be using much more than the name from the 80’s miniseries, and mahybe a small element from the recent reboot, which apparently is a Legion Of Doom founded by Diaz in the comics. The finale referrred to them as assassins even all the ssassins we’ve already seen are scared of. Given that The Quadrant were sold to us as the organized crime lords all other crime lords were scared of, that’s not super promising.

Anyway, everyone made up this episode, so Team Arrow is back together, which is for the best because the breakup stuff was bullshit. Felicity is mad about the whole jail thing, which is fair, but will probably lead to a new round of DRAMA next season, which maybe we don’t need?  At least it was better thnn The Flash.

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