Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jessica Jones: “AKA Start At The Beginning”

With the main series wrapping up their seasons and Luke Cage S2 incoming, it’s time to finally dip into Jessica Jones Season 2.
The Season 2 premiere does a solid job of establishing, and re-establishing, which is what it’s supposed to do.

Jessica, of course, wasn’t helped or made whole by either the events of S1 or the events of The Defenders, and is instead more traumatized than ever. She’s back to basics - drinking heavily and taking pictures of people fucking in alleys, but now, everyone knows she has superpowers, so that makes things more complicated.

Patsy is more of a crusader than ever, both in terms of helping Jessica and making a difference, both of which could have ironic air quotes around them as her motives seem complicated and not entirely healthy. She’s also now dating a high-power TV dude who made his bones as a war correspondent. Like a brunette, straight Anderson Cooper.

Patsy wants Jessica to look into her own mysterious past. Jessica doesn’t want to, but is forced to when The Whizzer, a minor league speedster from the very early, pre-Marvel days of comics, shows up with a similar story to hers and then gets killed. So we have a current threat, tied into her mysterious past, that Jessica is reluctantly investigating. That’s a solid basis for the season, especially when you tie in the subplots around Hogarth and a corporate PI rival that wants to acquire Jessica for his firm. We’ll see how the rest of it goes.

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