Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Jessica Jones: “Freak Accident / Sole Survivor”

Maybe not the stable one?
As much as Jessica Jones Season 2 appears to be about the main character coming to terms with her mysterious past, I’m starting to wonder if the other real story of the seasson isn’t about Trish, and how her ostensibly more stable and successful exterior isn’t hiding some deep dysfunction.
For most of Season 1, Trish was pushing Jessica towards heroics and also toughening herself up with some martial arts and gun stuff. We all took that as a given, knowing that in marvel Comics, Trish Walker is Hellcat. And that was probably the intent.

But in Season 2, it goes even farther, extending into crusading as part of her professional life, and it seems to be bordering on the pathological. Trish doesn’t just want to make a difference, she seems to need to, and that need seems to be tied up in some newly revealed #MeToo apects of her acting career.

The main plot is moving along at a fairly Netflixy deliberate pace. These eisodes involve Jessica being convinced that she has no choice but to investigate her past, thanks to the death of the Whizzer. There was also a very odd, bery short redemption story for Nuke, who apparently felt real bad about how he treated Trish last season and was lurking to protect her from the meta-killing “monster” and then ended up being killed by said monster.

That monster appears to be a wild-haird woman  with strength and abilities comparable to Jessica’s, which is an OK way to go for a second antagnoist. The third episode pretty much ended by introducing her, so I have no idea where that’s going.

Oh, and Hogarth has ALS, is being driven out of her law firm by her partners, is drowning her sorrow in drugs and hookers, and wants Jessica to help her get leverage on her partners. It’s a subplot I’m not sure the season really needs, but it’s Netflix, so they’re gonna get to 13 hours whether they have stoyr to fill them or not.

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