Sunday, May 13, 2018

Agents of SHIELD: “The Force Of Gravity”

It’s funny, for an episode full of important, impressive, or iconic moments, all of the screencaps from this episode are awful and don’t show any of them.
Much like Arrow, the penultimate episode of AoS (possibly forever, as they’re still on the bubble) sets up what appears to be the core dilemma of the finale. Unlike Arrow, they’ve been setting it up since the halfway point of the season - do they save Coulson, or do they save the world? Right now, that means using the last dose of Centipede Serup ever to either kill Graviton with odium, or heal Coulson with Inhuman healing DNA.

Along the way, we have, finally, the kiss between Coulson and May, behind his glowing SHIELD shield, as they get shot at by aliens, which is pretty perfect, only made more perfect by the ex hanges with Daisy about it afterward.

Lots of banter, lots of action, a fair amount of drama mixed with melodrama. I do take some issue with the fact that some of the morality melodrama that’s played such a large part of the second half of the season - a lot of “hard choices” “was that necessary/right” back and forth between most of the cast, appears to be going nowhere. But then again, it could also all play out in the finale.

We also get another Infinity War reference, and it’s not making things less awkward from a tie-in standpoint.

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