Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Monday Night Raw (7/3)

I think they accidentally made the other one the star.
There was a surprising amount of good stuff on last night's Raw, but we've gotta talk about that Enzo Amore promo, because holy shit.

I mean, the whole thing was fantastic, from the first moments (impromptu? planned?) bonus segment where he picked up the mic. But with one line, he established exactly how dangerous he can be with a microphone:

"You're a seven foot tall catchphrase that I wrote."

I mean, come on. The whole promo defined Enzo as a solo wrestler, defining why he's there, why he's a face, and why the thinks he deserves to be in that ring without Cass there to back him up. Honestly, it's the Enzo version of a promo Bayley needed to cut two months ago (and still needs to). Going forward, the WWE can still fail Enzo Amore, but Enzo Amore will not fail the WWE.

Also intense - Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. Well, Samoa Joe was intense. Joe was in full rage mode, which is always the best Samoa Joe. Lesnar is smug and complacent, which would normally be a heel tactic and end in his comeuppance by the face. But Joe's a heel and Lesnar is ostensibly a face, plus there's no way Joe comes out of this with the universal belt, so it's another case where an otherwise good story that WWE is telling is a story with a very different ending than what's going to happen.

And Finn Balor wrestled Cesaro and won. It was a great match, even if it was promoting the PPV match for the tag titles which is now a 30 minute Iron Man match. Make it a 20 minute match and give Balor 8 minutes to beat Elias Samson.

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