Saturday, July 8, 2017

Adding To The Bo- Collection

Five more, becaue I have a problem.
So the most recent additions to the collection are all from BO properties.

Tiny Tina and Emperor Claptrap from the latest series of Borderlands POPs. I skipped er0 becaue I never played as him, and Lilith because she wasn't quite good enough to justify the space she'd take up. But Tiny Tina? Oh hells yeah. And Emperor Claptrap is just full of detail.

Despite being at least one full season behind on Bojack Horseman, I had to get the three animals, becaus Todd and Diane weren't really distinctive enough to bother with, and I'm hoping to get an Alison Brie POP if there's a series with a second season of GLOW if there's a second season of GLOW. I know, long shot.

This does mean I now have, technically, a Paul F. Tompkins POP, but I hope somehow another one gets made that actually looks like him.

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