Thursday, July 20, 2017

205 Live (7/17)

Fun fact: The WWE's cruiserweight merch still consists of one TJ Perkins shirt.
It's always fun to see a match win the stagnant, uncaring 205 LIve crowd over. Shame it was the first match on the card.

Drew Gulak and Mustafa Ali had what would be, in any other situation, the end to their feud on 205 Live this week, with Ali pulling out a victory in an excellent 2/3 Falls match that opened the show. But this is 205 Live, where Cedric ALexander and Noam Dar feuded for six weeks over whether or not their feud was over.

That feud, by the way, appeared to end last week with Noam Dar dumping Alicia Fooooooooox, meant as Even More Heel but was in fact a face turn to anyone who's watched Alicia Fox on TV and now doesn't have to anymore.

The title picture going forward seems to be Tozawa-Neville II for Summerslam, but what we have right now is a diversionary story about Tozawa wanting to fight no matter what and Titus O'Neill not wanting him to get hurt and stopping matches. Well, match. On Raw, vs. Daivari, which led to a Sell The SHoulder rematch on 205 Live that Tozawa won by... grabbing Daivari's tights? Look, this storyline is all over the fucking place week to week and hour to hour and it's maddening.

Brian Kendrick is still convincingly furious at Jack Gallagher for merely existing, and takes it out on a British jobber. Still my favorite story in the Cruiserweight Division right now.

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