Monday, December 19, 2016

@midnight Power Rankings (12/11-14)

He ateus an hourus before swimmingus.

@midnight closes out the year with a strong week, with four shows from great to very good. Goddamn, I love Morgan Murphy. She brought the 92% Dark and brought it hard, but always judiciously and fair. But really, solid performances throughout, even Matt Besser, who I don't always like in this format.

  1. Morgan Murphy (M)
  2. James Adomian (M)
  3. Reggie Watts (M)
  4. Aparna Nancharla (W)
  5. Kurt Braunholer (T)
  6. Milana Weintraub (W)
  7. Fortune Feimster (T)
  8. Andy Richter (Th)
  9. Moshe Kasher (T)
  10. Nick Thune (W)
  11. Diona Reasonover (Th)
  12. Matt Besser (Th)

These I'd watch in order. Actually, maybe I'd watch them in reverse order to build to the break and go out on the strongest note. I think Thursday's year-recap format  hampered it a bit. Wednesday's Christmas show had a great visit by Krampus that teetered and threatened to go off the rails at any moment.

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday

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