Friday, December 16, 2016

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (En La Sombre)

Guess who's back!
The Battle of the Bulls concludes, and the Snake Tribe rises in a jam-packed hour of Lucha Underground.

The opening Battle of the Bulls qualifier is an interesting mix. There's Killshot and Dante Fox, who of course have their own issues; Mariposa, and Jeremiah "Sidemullet" Crane. If you like kicks, dives, and chairs, this is the match for you. An insane top rope Tower of Doom onto a stack of chairs is followed up by Maripost just going nuts with the wrecked chairs on everyone. Surprisingly, Crane picks up the victory, hitting his finisher on Dante Fox. Post-match, Killshot beats Dante's ass some more because brotherhood only goes so far.

There's a fun little Worldwide Underground Tries To Shoot A Documentary On Themselves vignette that implies continued membership is contingent on a victory in Battle of the Bulls. The

A long, arty training montage of Sexy Star leads to her finding a spider in her locker, which startles and then enrages her. She later confronts Mariposa about it, but Mariposa pleads innocent so Star crushes a wall instead of her face.

The Reptile Battle story picks up in the ring, when a match between Kobra Moon and Drago is quickly interrupted, first by Pindar, then by Vibora. This is a bit of  a letdown, first because the vignettes telegraphed it, and second because Vibora is a huge dude in the Test/Big Cass mold and all the snake masks in the world won't change that. Pindar gets taken out when the rest of the Superfriends come to hep, then Vibora destroys everyone with big boots, a double chokeslam, and a tombstone, because when you're seven foot tall, that's all you can be taught. Kudos to the Believers for chanting LUCHASAURUS at Vibora, though.

The main event Battle of The Bulls pits old enemies and friends - Jack Evans and PJ Black representing the Worldwide Underground, and Son of Havoc and the returning ANgelico from the original Trios champions. The latter pair don't play up their alliance as strongly, which makes logical sense. This one's way more in-ring and way less hardware than the opener, but the weird finish comes when PJ Black offers to lay down for Evans, then suckers him into a rollup pin. So much for Angelico's revenge on Mundo for now, I guess.

Finally, we see Dragon Azteca Jr. visiting the recuperating Rey Mysterio in a dojo, because nothing heals a back injury like lying around on a futon. They disagree over whether or not DAJr's true destiny is to kill Matanza, but Rey can't enforce his "against" viewpoint because of his injuries.

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