Thursday, December 29, 2016


Before redownloading stuff, but still.
I finally talked myself into pulling the trigger on a 2TB replacement drive in the PS4. I've been juggling space for most of the last year, and with the monthly free games, holiday sales, and my general penchant these days for digital purchases, it was only getting worse.

So I found a couple of up to date GamesRadar articles detailing drive recommendations and a detailed how to and did the deed. The trickiest part was making sure the external HD I used for a full backup was formatted correctly (exFAT, Master Boot Record) so that the PS4 would recognize it. But once I cleared that hurdle, it was simple to swap the drives, install system software downloaded on the PC and dropped onto a flash drive, and restore the PS4 from the backup. The drive was 90 bucks off Amazon, so not too bad.

Now all I need is a sale on Uncharted 4 digital.


  1. So what HD did you go with? I'm in dire need of doing this myself, but can't decide which HD to actually buy and install.

  2. This is the one GamesRadar recommended and I got.

    I wasn't looking for anything fancy. Noy rocking a Pro or looking for a speed boost. Just space and reliability.

    1. Yeah, likewise. I don't own a 4K TV yet (and won't for a good long while!) so I don't yet feel the need for a Pro. Thanks for the info though, and keep up the good work! The next four years are gonna SUCK: sad though it may be, I feel like I'm counting on you for a brief moment of sanity during my day! Lol