Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (SD Live)

Apollo is not benefiting from the brand split.
Two weeks before another Smackdown PPV? This is not going to go well from a content burnout perspective, I don't think. The WWE's problem has never been Not Enough Content.

We start with a contract signing, always a good sign. Daniel Bryan tries the "self aware about WWE contract signings" thing and gets booed. Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss do a decent job of telling each other what's what, they fight a bit, and the contract gets signed.

The Miz contract negotiation is apparently over, and Daniel Bryan stumbles over his lines informing The Miz that if he doesn't defend the title tonight, then something about his contract going away. It was dumb.

Evil Usos are out for a match, with new Evil Uso graphics and even Evilier Uso outfits. And it's an unclearly defined #1 Contenders match against American Alpha, and Chad Gable is NOT HAPPY. He dominates early, tags in Jordan, and the domination continues for a bit until the Chad Gable Leg Injury turns Gable into the face in peril. Jordan is tagged in and does his hot tag Suplex Everyone And Scream bit which I do enjoy a great deal. The Usos get the win after Jason Jordan decides not to tag Gable in because of Gable's "knee". Presumably this'll lead to the Usos getting the belts at No Mercy and having a feud with alpha. Shout out to David Otunga, who tried three or four times to tell us about his conversation with Rikishi about the Usos heel turn and never got past the setup.

Jack Swagger is on commentary for a match between Apollo Crews and Baron Korbin. Apparently Kalisto is out with a back injury, which is why a lot of this is happening. Corbin has some new aggressive offense that the crowd only occasionally cares about, and uses it to essentially destroy Crews, which doesn't make me happy. This I guess is to set up Corbin-Swagger so that I can fast-forward through some shit for the next few weeks.

Miz's title defense is against Intense Redemption Mode Dolph Ziggler. Basic wrestling booking demands shenanigans here to keep Miz the champ and extend the feud to No Mercy, This match is dull, and even Miz stealing Daniel Bryan's moveset can't liven it up. Miz does hit a new powerbomb at one point. Maryse is caught cheating and ejected, and I'm starting to gain interest, but after kicking out of TWO iterations of Dolph's supposed finisher, Miz sprays Ziggler with something and hits his finisher for the win.

Randy Orton faces Erick Rowan, which means it's fast-forward time. Orton wins clean and is sppokied at by Bray Wyatt on the Titantron post-match.

The four women not involved in the contract signing have an awkward, barely there tag match so that Carmella can beat up Nikki Bella to continue their feud.

Our main event is Ambrose-Cena, for shits and giggles to promote the triple threat at No Mercy. Both guys wrestle their standard TV match. Ambrose counters an AA into Dirty Deeds, John Cena kicks out, Ambrose counters a second into a whatever pin you end up in after you powerbomb someone only there wasn't a powerbomb and wins. Styles attacks Cena post-match, Daniel Bryan announces a title match between Ambrose and Styles next week, and Ambrose hits Styles with the DD to close the show.

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