Thursday, September 29, 2016

Motherfuckin' Lucha Underground! (Brothers In Broken Arms)

Snitches Get Piledrivers
Another rock-solid week of Lucha Underground - a slightly underwhelming main event, but more than made up for by the rest of the show.

We open in a locker room, where Dario Cueto points out Sexy Star's Gift of the Gods dilemma. Face Matanza, who destroys everyone (including her friend The Mack last week, which Dario points out because CONTINUITY, BITCHES) or keep defending the title. Also, Dario makes fun of the way she says "afraid". Twice. Because he's kind of a big deal.

First match is Prince Puma vs. Siniestro De La Muerte, a direct result of Puma's quest to take down Mil Muertes. The announcers are really pushing the New Darker Puma idea, and Puma is in fact working a slightly different style in the ring this season - a bit more submission, a bit more striking. Mil Muertes tries to interfere, but it doesn't work, and Puma hits SdlM with the FLATLINER. Then, as soon as he's announced the winner, he dives at Muertes from the outside and they brawl a bit before Puma gets back in the ring and Catrina pushes Muertes away. Gotta say, these guys are making this ELECTRIC.

Undercover Cop Drama as Cortez Castro is summoned to Dario's office. Remember, Cortez is a cop, Dario knows he's a cop, but Cortez doesn't know Dario knows. Dario gives him a Godfather Hug, and then you hear Melissa Santos announcing Castro's entrance. This is the first time they've ever integrated vignettes and in-ring this closely, and it's awesome. The impromptu match is for Castro to get squashed and his arm broken by Pentagon Dark, who will never, ever, ever get The Temple to boo him.

Atomicos time, as the Superfriends and Sexy Star take on the Worldwide Underground. We get what we've come to expect here, lots of bouncing around, very loose action, comedy spots, dives to the outside, and eventually Johnny Mundo pinning Sexy Star, probably to set up their future GotG title match. Taya either hurt herself near the end of the match or they're doing an injury angle - it's tough to tell with Lucha Underground because looking it up leads to spoiler danger.

Siniestro De La Muerte is sorry he failed Mil Muertes. So Catrina snaps his neck, sucks out his life force, and blows it at Mil Muertes. Damn. RIP Siniestro De La Muerte. The Disciples Of Death are all Dead Disciples. Kind of makes Ziggler's career vs. title match a lot lower stakes when you think about it.

Our main event, of course, is Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. with special guest referee Rey Mysterio Jr. in a match to see who will face Pentagon Dark Née Jr. to get revenge over their broken arms junior. Chavo "dictates the pace", as the announcers put it, which means that Chavo can't (understandably) keep up with the full DAJr. experience. It's an OK match regardless, and of course Chavo objects to Rey's refereeing which leads to a physical altercation which leads to Dragon getting the win. And probably setting up Rey-Chavo for the near future.

Finally, we see Black Lotus, back in Hong Kong. Her quest for revenge now goes through Pentagon Dark. And she's sending the Hong Kong Triad to do it. Which appears to be three ninjas. Which I am totally fine with.

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