Saturday, November 25, 2023



In a world where Hasbro preorders show up two months before their expected release date, it’s almopst refreshing when Amazon and Jazwares get you your Hookhuasen 2-pack a month late. Almost.

Not to make this entire wekk about pants, but for me, the most important aspect of this two-pack was Danhausen’s pants. I have that torso from the Ringside exclusive. I have the two heads and all the hands. But I don’t have those pants, which are the main pants worn by Danhausen during his first year-plus in AEW. The pants that come with the Unrivaled release are similar, but have fewer leg stripes. And for some damn reason, I care.

He also comes with a soft plastic version of the cape that, in the Ringside exclusive, is wired fabric, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a perfectly good plastic cape, and in some circumstances is more useful than the cloth, like if you want the back logo to appear unwarped by the vagaries of fabric:

I also wanted a Hook,  because Hook is awesome. Is this my ideal Hook? It is not. The Ringside Exclusive Hook is my ideal Hook, with the FTW belt and thehoodie and the good trunks, but I don’t need TWO Hooks. I do, apparently, need three Danhausens, though. So this’ll be my Hook unless they put that exclusive on a nice discount sometime.

Both figures are Jazwares standard - good head sculpts, good paint, reasonable articulation, extra head, extra hands). 

One other note. This and a picture I’ll be posting tomorrow have continued to reveal the frustrating limitations of photo-manipulated wresting ring backgrounds. I have a plan to address this that is, quite frankly, unnecessary and ridiculous and will reach fruition in late December/early January. Because what is a hobby if not a constant desire to upgrade tools?

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