Friday, November 24, 2023



I don’t think I was expecting the GameDimensions’ Tekken Jin Kazama in November, but I know for sure I wasn’t expecting PANTS.

I have, as you know, a lot of action figures. You know what none of them had, until very recently? PANTS. Oh, sure, most of their legs were sculpted and painted in such a way that it looks like they’re wearing pants or some other kind of leg coverings, but Jin Kazama has ACTUAL FUCKING PANTS over his legs.

I don’t’ know if this was a stylistic choice or a cost-saving one because of the intracacy of his pants design, but he’s got soft vinyl pants with strategic cuts in them to allow the joints to move freely, and it’s amazing. Or disconcerting. I think I like it, but I literally have no frame of reference for this and so maybe it’s a bad idea? I mean, given the history of soft vinyl in toys degrading over time, ten years from now it may be horrifying, but there’s no denying that right now, it’s cool.

Anyway, as a GD Tekken figure, he’s well in line with the Heihachi and Kazuya figs I already have. Very good but not world-beating articulation and range of motion, a cool power effect, a clear game text on a stand (as seen above, “ROUND 2”, good sculpting, good paint. And GOOD PANT. Looking forward to my King (supposedly next year but could be sooner) and a possible second wave. Also maybe someone will do Soul Calibur at this scale and price point?

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