Thursday, November 23, 2023

EARLY PREORDERS PART 1: Infinity :Saga Wave


Preorder the Marvel Legends Infinity Saga wave now! Coming in January 2024! Or, maybe, NOvember 2023, I guess?

Ah well. That’s the way of things. Anyway, I ordered two figures from this wave - a character/outfit I liked but wasn’t collecting back in the day, and a new figure for the Guys In Suits collection.

Stealth Suit Cap, from Winter Soldier, is either a rework or a re-release of the original figure. If it’s a re-release, it’s missing the extra hands and (obviously) build-a-figure piece of the original. But it also has modern Marvel Legends articulation, but I can’t find any reviews of the original figure to be sure. Doesn’t matter, can’t get the old one, got the new one. He’s quite nice and has an unmasked head.

Dudes! In! Suits!

OK, the Ruffalo Bruce Banner is easily the definitive performance of the character. By a country fucking mile. So yeah, I was gonna get one. But also, the Dudes In Suits / civilian clothed characters are becoming a bit of a weird collecting subset, so I’ve started seeking them out, either when the character itself appeals to me (Ruffalo, Jimmy Woo), it’s cheap enough (see incoming post probably next week), or both (Luis!).

Banner is pictured here with his counterpart, one of the two original Ruffahulks released way back when for the Avengers movies. Not sure if it’s the first one or the Age of Ultron one. It’s the one with the better hair. And yes, Hasbro, I would get a Deluxe MCU Hulk with proper proportions and a Ruffalo-style head in an instant, because I AM A SUCKER.

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