Tuesday, February 21, 2023

PREORDER ARRIVED: Batman ‘66 Egghead

Happy with the fake reflection on Egghead here.

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I’m all in on the Mcfarlane Toys Batman ‘66 line. I mean, obviously, within reason. I’m not getting the many, many Batman/Robin/Joker repaints and variants like the surfing ones or the boxing ones. But any new character, playset, or vehicle? I’m there, as my Target preorder history will show.

Egghead was the only new character in the most recent wave that met the criteria, which is good, because the next wave is kicking my ass HARD. But come on. It’s Vincent Price, for one thing, and it’s a weird-ass tacky villain for another.

Like the rest of the line, he’s perfectly janky. By which I mean he’s so true to the original janky design that he’s perfect. It’s even more true with the playsets and vehicles than the figures, but the line captures the camp of the show so beautifully that even as someone whose “love” for the original show is sporadic and variable, the toys are irresistible.

So don't’ be surprised when mid-April arrives and you see what I’ve added to the collection. IRRESISTIBLE, I said.

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