Tuesday, February 21, 2023

OFF THE SHELF: McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Deadman

What goes into the decision to buy a toy? Well, if you set aside for the moment psychological issues like stress-based whims and weird obsessions, it’s usually a four-variable decision. My affection for the character, the quality of the figure, its suitability for possible photos, and the price point. With Deadman it was mostly a quality thing. The figure just struck me.

I mean, I like Deadman. I know his “real” name (Boston Brand) and I’ve enjoyed him as a side character in a bunch of stuff, but I don’t really know his backstory or powers other than the whole “he’s dead” thing. But man, on the rare occasions McFarlane’s DC line sets out to make a clean, accurate figure of an iconic DC look and not some pile of spikes and weirdness from one odd run of comics, they can really do great work.

Would I have liked maybe a peg or slightly longer tendrils on the spectral head piece so it stays put when a table is bumped? Sure I would. But the effects pieces are otherwise killer, the costume is what I remember it should be, decent articulation, and a twenty buck price point in a wold where $25 is the new floor? I absolutely grabbed this. And the weeks of potential FOMO between the actual release date and it making it to my local Target didn’t hurt either.

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