Wednesday, February 15, 2023

LAST OF THE GIFT PLASTIC: Hulk 20th, Sagitar


I have, for some time now, been wanting to fill a Hulk-sized hole in my collection with a properly-sized comic-style Hulk. I somehow have TWO Ruffalo-faced movie Hulks, but they are small and slightly weird

Recently, the Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Hulk became available again at retail. I like the body but was lukewarm on the head, so I was unwilling to chase it around the after-market, but at a relatively regular price? I’ll accept a slightly sub-par head sculpt. It’s the hair, really. I’m not sure exactly what I picture when I picture Hulk’s hair, but it’s not this.

Otherwise, though, no complaints Very well articulated given its bulk. A green that’s not cartoonish but also not dull and too mossy. A fun little stomping base, some extra bits, a backdrop. A perfectly reasonable action figure at Hasbro’s Big Chunk O Plastic price. And if you have a big-ass hulk and a very fancy movie Loki, you know what you gotta do.

He’s not the only one driven by glorious purpose.

Next up is a figure that was sent to me unbidden fronm the deep recesses of a relative’s collection, definitely purchased new or cheap on a whim in and around its release. Sagitar, from the 90’s He-Man “New Adventures” reboot.

Sagitar, replacing his cartoon version in context.

Did I look up on eBay what a sealed boxed Sagitar goes for? I did. Out of curiosity. Did I open this complete fucking weirdo anyway so I could mess with him and display himn? Yes I did. He’s like a very very basic cable knock-off Goro when he’s standing up. He can also be put in centaur mode, though I don’t know why. We don’t hire filthy centaurs.

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