Friday, September 29, 2017


This is the friendiest image from this match I can post.
I know I’ve been slacking off the Lucha Underground coverage of late (and that nobody cares) but not a lot happened except for concerns that Cage may be too resistant to the Gauntlet Of The Gods and some mostly filler matches to set up Ultima Lucha Tres, like a weaksauce Gift of the Gods match that exists only to set up a ladder match for GotG between Pentagon Dark and Son of Havoc.

The first night (out of four) was all about Killshot and Dante Fox. Sure, Famous B won the congtract for Texano’s services, which we all knew he would when the match became for Texano’s services, and there were shenanigans and a much better use of Dr. Wagner Jr. But who cares.

Because holy shit, that Hell Of War match. Three Stages Of Hell in camouflage, the first fall was a First Blood match. The second match was still No DQ, but for a pinfall. And the third fall was an ambulance match called “Medical Evac”.

It was violent. It was bloody. It was intense. It was insane. It’s not something you want to see every week, or every month. Maybe not even every year. Killshot and Fox went through glass, through barbed wire, through gurneys, into and off of chairs, into and off of each other. For about 40 minutes. It was a performance for the ages. And, because their characters have had a properly built rivalry lasting all season, it meant something. Killshot emerged victorious, as he should, but Fox emerged as a goddamn star.

Next week: a 20 Man Battle Royal for a Unique Opportunity, the Mask Vs. Hair match between Fenix and Marty The Moth, and, I believe, Catrina vs. Ivelisse.

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