Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mae Young Classic: "Finale"

Size differeneces are funny.
And there we have it, Kairi Sane is the winner of the Mae Young Classsic and all is right in the world.

Props to Shayna Baszler. whether it's the result of a couple months of extra training since the original tapings, or because Kairi Sane didn't mind working stiff for the finale, but more of Baszler's offense looked good.

It still wasn't the smoothest of matches. I believe the traditional terminology is "clash of styles". Transitions, especially, seemed awkward. But the story of the match was good - Sane's spear injured Baszler's ribs early, which ultimately led to both Sane being able to escape Baszler's submission finisher AND pick up the win with what's definitely being called the Insane Elbow for real now.

The finale aired live in Las Vegas after Smackdown, with the Smackdown crowd, which was weird, because, as is the case with 205 Live, a lot of the crowd didn't know who these women were or why this match matters or how important some of the moments in the match were. And they didn't fill the vacant NXT title with the winner, so it makes me wonder where they're going with that and what they're going to do with whichever Classic competitors ended up with the contract.

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