Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Smackdown Live! (3/21)

OK, I guess.
The big problem with Smackdown right now is a disconnect between good wrestling and good stories. Heading into Mania, all their good stories are paird with shitty matches and vice versa.

For example, American Alpha vs. Uso. They put on a great title match to open the show. The Usos get the titles after very light cheating. And while I'd be perfectly happy to hit the reset button on Alpha's chase for the belt and forget the last 2-3 months ever happened, with no time to build the chase before Mania, who's gonna care? Why couldn't this happen last week or the week before?

On the other hand, AJ Styles/Shane McMahon and Miz-Maryse/Cena-Nikki both have great stories. Or had. Both screwed the pooch this week, the latter with a shitty comedy sketch and a Cena squash of Fandango (with poor Tyler Breeze in Nikki Bella cosplay) and the latter with AJ Styles tellin geveryone he was gonna stand in a parking garage all night and sure enough, he did. And we got to see all of it. And of course Shane doesn't come in the parking garage because fucking duh.  AJ becomes the victim of Shane's Flurry Of Shitty Punches before getting the upper hand, but Shane recovers and drops the elbow on AJ from the ring to the announce table. Yay.

At least we have the Intercontinental Title, where a mediocre story between Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose is going to lead to an equally mediocre match, and Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton, which is awful on every level. Apparently Bray Wyatt, after losing his cult, gained a cult of sheep-masked Local Talent, the kind of guys you usually see playing security guards.

The women's division gets an everyone hates everyone else brawl that probably should have been on next week's show.

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