Thursday, March 23, 2017

205 Live (3/21)

Credit where credit is do. 205 Live had five or six segments this week, depending on how you count, and all but one of them advanced stories. Many of those stories are dumb as fuck, but for 205 Live, this is still an improvement.

In the non-story segment, Tony Nese and TJ Perkins put on a very good match to determine which of them would do the job two nights in a row. Turns out it was Perkins, who followed up his squash from Brian Kendrick on Raw with a loss, being pinned after an exposed turnbuckle and the Knees De Nese. Nese needs more of a personality, but I'm happy for him to get pushed.

Drew Gulak's new gimmick appears to be a Right To Censor style "how dare you like all this exciting high flying action, fans? I'm going to put a stop to it in the name of safety!" thing. I get why they're trying the reverse psychology thing, but I have doubts Gulak will be able to pull it off. Maybe he can get others to follow him?

Akira Tozawa one-move-squashed Local Talent in order to call out Brian Kendrick, who, disgused as a security guard, demolished Tozawa post-match. This is the best feud the division has going right now, and should be appreciated more by the fans.

Dar, Daivari, Swann, and Gallagher are still stuck in Alicia Foooooooooox Hell. But at least Gallaher dancing like Swann last week was countered with Swann dressing like Gallagher this week.

And finally, an in-ring promo confrontation between Aries and Neville preceded an incredible match between Mustafa Ali and Neville with Aries on commentary. I was expecting a squash, possibley an Ali win after Ariesference, but instead, we got an amazingly competitive match. Ali looked great in the ring, and I wonder if he's due for a serious push post-Mania. If so, he needs new ring gear. But Ali was pulling out some Lucha Underground level shit in this match.

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