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 As I mentioned before, not particularly happy with any of these pics, but I’m not doing a whole new setup to fix the problems just for new wrestler toy shots. Next round with more infrastructure should make me happier.

So! Filling in the gaps! Basically, what this is, is me having some wrestler and character gaps in the collection due to skipping out on them when they were released because I didn’t want to pay full price for them, and using post-holiday sales to make some large orders and get some free shipping.

To start with, I finished up the Best Friends (current incarnation) with the old Unrivaled 8 Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor. They both, but especially Trent, had changed their looks by the time these toys came out, and back then I thought hey, maybe they’ll do new figures of them. Twelve to thirteen waves later that seems unlikely, so I went ahead and picked up the originals for like six bucks apiece. SHown here with Danhausen and Orange Cassidy, who of course I already had, and without Kris Statlander (not in this version) and Wheeler Yuta (not in this version, not released yet). 

Similarly, Lance Archer. I’m a fan of the Murderbird, but his figure was always a bit plain, so at less than ten bucks in the same Gamestop sale that gave me Leia and Tengus and Teen Groot (who I’m now realizing I skipped over in posting about), it was a no-brainier.

Plus it means I could recreate the recent World’s End Zero Hour Battle Royale moment where he got eliminated by Trent and Danhausen. So I did, even if I probably need to redo it.

Finally, Unmatched 4 MJG.

Who I did not need.

Who is startlingly similar to the Unrivaled 2 MJF I already own. Just different trunks.

But I needed a second scarf. Why did I need a second scarf? You’ll find out in the next post. But I needed a second scarf and he pushed me over the hump for free shipping, so he was for all practical intents and purposes free.  Would I have preferred the Unmatched 2 version with the robe as my second MJF? Absolutely. But he doesn’t come with a scarf. And he’s more expensive. And I needed the scarf.

Only four more wrestletoys to go!

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