Sunday, January 14, 2024


 NOTE: I’m not happy with any of the backgreound removal or compositing in any of the next few wrestling posts. It’s a new process and I’m working out the kinks. But they do show off the new figures.

First up, Unmatched 7 Thunder Rosa.

Did I need a second Thunder Rosa? Debatable. The first release is good, but I really like this ring gear, and also, the first release was from a very rare appearance where she painted the left side of her face and not the right. So this is a more typical look for her.

She came with a second head and the half-flag, plus an extra hand or two, which is nice. I got a lot of older AEW figures recently and forgot how little stuff they used to come with.

Also pictured here, AEW ref Aubrey Edwards, the pack-in with the Authentic Scale Ring I got. Also a solid figure, and, most importantly, comes with pointing and two-count hands, which is very nice attention to detail.

I talked a bit about my problem (broken ring post, back left here) with this ring in my previous post, but if it weren’t for that, I’d be very happy with it. The base is solid, the scale is excellent, the ring mat and apron are well made, and the way the ring ropes, turnbuckles, and turnbuckle pads attach and work are pretty much scaled down versions of the real things. It comes with a scale set of ring steps that works with the square ring posts, and overall, it’s a very nice package.

Except for the broken parts, of course.

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