Saturday, January 27, 2024

WRESTLESTRAVAGANZA PART 4: Two Clearance Things From Target


Right! Time to get back into posting some shit instead of buying it and photographing it and ignoring it or setting it up and photographing it and ignoring it or just buying it and ignoring it. I know my role, as I was instructed to do by the WWE Ultimates The Rock I found for nine bucks at Target.I had in fact been looking for this figure, because, like the MIck Foley, when I inventoried the wrestling toys, I found I didn’t have a great Great One. And this one was supposedly on clearance at Target for 13 bucks, but the Target I went to after the app was all “We probably have one but you have to come and check” didn't have one.

But the Target I went into for completely non-toy reasons three plus weeks later? They did have one. And it was even cheaper. Yay!

Anyway, this is as “first episode of Smackdown” a Rock as you’re ever gonna see. He’s got the sideburns, the small tattoos,  but he’s post-Corporate babyface Rock, so this is a very specific chunk of late 1999 we’re talking about here.

He’s got all the joints, sunglasses, a mic, a bunch of hands,, several heads (although Kimchi absconded with the one I dropped and it has yet to be found) and a soft goods track suit. Home fuckinbg run, Mattel, especially at nine bucks.

Speaking of deep-clearance WWE figures, which, after this week’s news, will be the only wayI buyWWE toys if I do at all for the foreseeable future, there was a six buck Elite Zelina Vega on the clearance shelf too, and Zelina Vega is great and I didn’t have one, so…

Not quite as nice as her Queen Zelina debut Elite fig, but you can’t beat the price. And once you get it settled in, the robe/dress thing works really well. The headdress stays on, but barely and only if you get it just so.

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