Friday, January 5, 2024

MORE GIFT: Snow Job!



When it comes to GI Joe, I dabble. I dip in and out, mostly out. I’m looking for for individual toys that strike me as odd or cool or vaguely nostalgic. Which is why I was so disappointed that Serpentor was both expensive and quickly sold out. But anyway, this is Snow Job.

He’s a ski dude. A very elaborate ski dude. A deluxe Classified Joe ski dude with a bunch of stuff. He’s got some guns and skis and poles and snow shoes and goggles and two heads and a hood and a “my hood is down” lookin’ neck piece, and a backpack that holds most of it.

And it looks GREAT. Great sculpt, great paint, great overall feel. No arguments there.

My one complaint is just enough jank to be annoying. Basically everything fits together, but all the pegs and holes and slots and such have enough of a difference in tightness and tolerance that it’s very easy to get one thing in place only for two more to fall off. Just getting him together for this shot took longer than it should have.

But other than that, a fine action figure. 

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