Wednesday, November 1, 2023


 Goddamn, Jada Toys is killing it with these.The final October preorder, since the new, in-scale R2-D2 is apparently a November release now according to Entertainment Earth, is the Jada Toys Street Fighter Chun Li.

As always, the hallmark of these toys is the impeccable engineering. I mean, the sculpts and paint are also great, but the Jada Street Fighter toys are engineered so beautifully in terms of movement and poseability. They’re not THAT much more poseable than an average Marvel Legends or GameDimensions Tekken, but that extra 10% or so of articulation/poseability lets you do things you want to do with other figures and can’t, and it feels like magic.

Chun Li comes with a pair of chop hands, a second head, and a Lightning Kick effect piece with stand (digitally erased above). Her legs fit perfectly into any of the three lobes of the effect, and the stand is jointed so you can pose it at different angles. The combination does freely stand like it’s pictured above, but it’s not super stable and will topple if your photo box gets nudged by, say, a cat, to pull an example out of thin air at random with no connection to real-time events. 

Anyway, another excellent addition to the line, and with Wave 2 being Ken, Dhalsim, and M. Bison, I’m all in on that. After that I’ll just need Vega, Guile, and Blanka to complete my Street Fighter Red Tape collection.

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