Sunday, September 10, 2023

Hulk And His Friends Are Quite The Crew


Under no circumstances should you Google the title of this post. You have been warned.

August ended up being a light month, with at least three preorders pushed into a future month. But I did get two Hulks.

The Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk was one I hemmed and hawed over when it was an Amazon-exclusive pre-order, but then, months ahead of its October release date, it shifted from being a preorder to just being a think you could order and get in about a week with non-Prime shipping, so I ordered it, because I love Thor Ragnarok and I love Gladiator Hulk. 

Like most older Build A Figure re-issues and Hulks in general, and bulky figures in even more general, the articulation isn’t gonna win any awards. But the level of detail is fantastic, and the new paint job is exceellent.

He comes with an extra, non-yelling head which nobody in their right mind would ever use, and two fists that can’t hold his two massive weapons, so again, why would anyone use them? But they are there, and the helmet is removable if you wanna be weirdo.

Joe Fixit, on the other hand, was a Day One pre-roder from Wal-Mart as soon as it became available. 

Can I explain the appeal of a smart, grey, Hulk who goes to Vegas and becomes a mobster? I mean, I just did? But if that sentence doesn’t do it for you I can’t explain it beyond that. Also he calls himself Joe Fixit. Two plus two equals potato.

Again, not the greatest posability, but again, he comes with a hatless head and non-gun-holding fists, once again fur fucking weirdos who are into making their toys worse.

So I now have… five Hulks in Marvel Legends? These two, classic comic, and the somewhat weird Ruffalo Hulks fron the early days. That should do it for Hulks I Need, unless at some future date they do a properly-proportioned MCU movie Hulk.

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