Thursday, September 21, 2023

MORE PREORDER: Peter Parker / Smythe

 I mean, these guys were both in the Sinister 11 picture, so yeah, I obviously got them.

I don’t know if this is the last of the animated Spider-Man two-packs or not. I mean, certainly, there are a few cartoon-style and cartoon figures left to be made, but except for J. Jonah Jameson, there aren’t any more normies to make, and with the exception of the initial Venom/CXarnage 2-pack that I skipped, all the rest have been One Villain One Normie. 

I mean, a Chameleon/JJJ two-pack would make all the sense in the world, but who knows?

Anyway, Smythe is not the most… memorable spider-villain out there, but at least his mutated form is an interesting and new sculpt, with the fishy wings and the weird shoulder bone things that shoot lasers. 

The real draw here is Peter Parker, resplendent in his 90’s glory, complete with boxy camera. As with all the normie figures, I don’t know why double elbows were out of the question, especially with a dude who needs to hold a camera up to his face and can only sort of barely maybe pull it off from certain angles.

But you can’t argue with the dead-on accuracy of the sculpts and paints on both dudes. You can only argue with the price, by which I mean grumble at the price then give in because it’s an exclusive and what are you gonna do about it? Get some other stuff on clearance to make up for it, mostly.

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