Sunday, September 17, 2023

NEW TOY: Schroedinger’s Cat-Eater (NECA Ultimate ALF)

 What’s the oipposite of an impulse purchase?

It’s NECA’s Ultimate ALF, a figure I have been depating whether or not to get for like six months now. 

And afterr way more introspection than any toy purchase deserves, I realized that in addition to “liking the character or property” and “straight up nostalgia”, neither of which apply to ALF, I can als be pulled in by the pop culture gravity well of a figure, assuming it’s executed well. I think that’s where I am with a lot of GI Joe stuff, too. 

Anyway, I’ve not bought this figure in person on at least two previous occasions, and keept an eye on it online at least a dozen times, also not pulling the trigger, until last week, when one magically appeared on my local Target shelf duting a completely unrelated “get some groceries and the Across The Spider-Verse 4K Blu Ray” errand, and I realized it was now or never and decided on now.

And he’s VERY well executed, in that NECAN way. Not the monster articuilation of the best Hasbro figures, but as much as is possible given the sculpt. Dead-on sculpting, an ideal range of accessories (extra hands, soda can, popcorn bowl, HAM radio, soft goods Hawaiian shirt, framed ALF photo, cat sandwitch, and a burlap sack of “slimeballs” which i guess is a thing from the show but as I mentioned I’m not super nostalgic for the wshow so I guiess I could google it?

Paint’s great, jaw is articulated (or sort of - it interacts with the neck articulation in kind of an “either/or bot never both” way) and I’ve already done two very specific fig photo ideas with him and a third planned, so I guess I already got my money’s worth. Thanks, Gordon.

(Gordon Shumway is ALF’s real name, one of those things I know and will know forever despite not being a particularly big fan but defintely being very old.)

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