Thursday, June 14, 2018


Out with the old dead, in with the new old played by the old old dead.

Lucha Underground kicked off its fourth season with a bang, or rather the aftermath of a bang. It appears as if Dario Cueto is in fact dead, and it was his own father, who he called for help after getting shot, is the one who ordered the hit in the first place. DAYUM.

Cueto’s father, Antonio Cueto, is played by the same guy who played Dario Cueto, in a gloriously ridiculous wig and a voice that mekes me wonder what the honey and lemon budget for Season 4 was. Dario’s death (or in real life lease rates) have made the old Temple unavailable, so Antonio converts an old ice house he used to store beer (in-story justification for Modelo’s investment in the brand and product placement this season) into a new Temple.

And he apparently has it in for Pentagon Dark, because he opens Season 4 by making him defend the title in AZTEC WARFARE, which Pentagon enters at #6 out of 20.

The Aztec Warfare match is... uneven, by Lucha Underground standards. But it’s a good way for them to introduce and explain roster changes between seasons. Dante Fox didn’t get re-signed, for example, so Antonio makes Son of Havoc the new member of the Trios champions by fiat, then makes all three of them start the Aztec Warfare match and fight each other.

Antonio also reinstates Chaco Guerrero, and they do a bit about Angelico entering the match only he isn’t there. There was a guest appearance by Tommy Dreamer, either a guest appearance or debut from Jessie “Mr. Pectacular” Godderz, and the same either/or for Hernandez. And Daga made a definite return after being absent for most or all of Season 3.

There were comedy entries like Joey Ryan and Vinnie Massaro, a LOT of short eliminations, and very few people in the ring at the same time for most of the match. The standout performer, though, has to be Fenix, who apparently spent the time between seasons perfecting some mind-bogglingly insane rope moves, with astonishing height evey nby LU standards.

The new set is fine, except for the sound setup, which really mutes the sounds of the mat, which is especially noticeable when the referee hits the mat.

Pentagon won, of course, snapping Marty The Moth’s arm after the final elimination. But Antionio’s not done with him yet. Next week he has to defend the title against THE MONSTER MATANZA CUETO.

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