Thursday, June 14, 2018

Weekly Wrasslin’ Wroundup (June 11-13)

I think we can all agree this is a good idea if we limit it to “neck up”.
I’m pretty sure there was a grand total of one Event Of Significance this week in seven hours of WWE programming. Oh, there were some decent matches, and things that clearly telegraphed Takeover and Money In The Bank results, but those are more for predictions than the Wrapup. Still, there was that one thing.


Yes, this is essentially closing one of the two lids on the dumpster fire that is Baron Corbin, Constable Of Raw, but it’s progress. Part of me will miss the slow retreat of Coribin’s hairline from main event to midcard and regret that I’ll never see it reach Swerv’d, but it’s for the best.


Bonus Kudos to Pete Dunne and Kyle O’Reilly, who put on one hell of a match for the UK Championship on NXT. It doesn’t count as an Event of Significance because there was no way in hell Kyle O’Reilly was going to win the UK belt, but man was it entertaining.

Anti-Kudos to the Sami Zayn / Bobby Lashley feud, which is somehow managing to waste Sami Zayn’s talent, fail to highlight Bobby Lashley’s talents in any way (assuming he has them, which is a thing I’ve been told but never seen), and bore the shit out of the audience for long stretches like five shows in a row now.

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