Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lucha Underground: "Family Firstt" (6/21)

Well, the good news is, my Group C, Round 1 predictions in the Cueto Cup were also all correct, and we got a new installment of the Johnny Mundo / Rey Mysterio comedy documentary on their preparations for their match. Other than that, though, it was a lackluster episode, undeserving of either a screencap or a Motherfuckin'.

The Cage-Massaro, Pindar-Mascarita, and Marty-Saltado matches were all basically competitive squashes, in that their opponets got more offense in than you'd think but still lost decisively.

The main event, Mariposa vs. Fenix, was a little longer and a little more evenhanded, but a cold open featuring Melissa Santos suddenly being attracted to Fenix set her up as the center of a midcard feud between Fenix and the Santos-obsessed Moth.

None of the matches were particularly good, at least by Lucha Underground standards. And we got zero updates on Cage murdering Lorenzo Lamas last week, and zero Dario Cueto, so overall, an underwhelming hour.

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