Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Smackdeown Live (5/6)

I don't know. I think their day one is getting pretty h.
This week's Smackdown featured two events of real significance, one event of veery mild significance, a bunch of farting around, and the always (for sufficiently short-term values of always) entertaining tag division.

The fist event of significance is that Mojo Rawley complained about having been forgotten since Wrestlemania. This is true. I had forgotten about Mojo Rawley, but I wasn't complaining. Anyway, he had to beat Jinder Mahal in order to get into the Money In The Bank match. That doesn't happen, because nobody wants Mojo Rawley in the Money in the Bank match.

The other event of significance is Shinsuke Nakamura cleanly and decisively pinning United States Champion Kevin Owens. This is the third time he's pinned Owens, the first time in a singles match, and there were zero shenanigans involved despite Baron Corbin being at ringside. Sure, Corbin attacked Nakamura and left him lying to close the show, but a clean win over Owens was the last thing I was expecting there.

The minor significance is the debut of Lana, who demanded, and was refused, inclusion in the women's Money in the Bank match, interfered in the pointless six-woman tag, and got Naomi to put her title on the line against Lana at Money in the Bank, which I can only assume means that Lana will be getting pretty much squashed in her debut.

Tag division gave us a Fashion Files featuring The New Day. Fashion Files has switched from Law and Order to 40's Detective Noir in the past couple of weeks, leading to a great joke where Breeze and Fandango can hear each other's internal monologues, so they think everyone else can hear them too.  The New Day then competitive-squash the Colons and face off against the Usos, who are falling into a trap The New Day are very familiar with - stumbling across a bit that works amidst clever and funy improvisational promos and being told by Creative to catchphrase that shit.

In other news, I still hate Rany Orton and AJ got his win back against Ziggler. Yawn.

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