Monday, February 13, 2017

@midnight Power Rankings (Feb 6-9)

Honestly, this episode was a bit of a wash.

The @midnight crew probably spent a lot of last week fretting about this week's live episodes, which explains a fairly lackluster week with a lot of weak performances. Also, they booked Nick Swardson, who dropped a "suck my own dick" callback so obvious I spent an entire commercial break knowing it was coming. Special props to first-timer Alan Tudyk, who came out strong, and Josh Johnson, who made Thursday's show watchable thanks to about three killer jokes.

  1. Ron Funches (M)
  2. Alan Tudyk (M)
  3. Paul Feig (W)
  4. Danny Pudi (M)
  5. Jen Kirkman (W) 
  6. Josh Johnson (Th)
  7. Katie Aselton (T)
  8. Josh McDermitt (T)
  9. Seth Morris (T)
  10. Annie Lederman (Th)
  11. Nick Swardson (W)
  12. Jay Mandyam (Th)

Monday's "Cast of Powerless" episode was the only one this week I'd strongly recommend watching, and was funnier than the two episodes of "Powerless" so far.  Wednesday's was fine, but Tuesday and Thursday are easy to skip.

  1. Monday
  2. Wednesday
  3. Thursday
  4. Tuesday

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