Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Feb 13-16)



(Raw) The Festival Of Friendship! Showgirls! Artwork! Gillberg! And when Jericho talked about how fun the last year's been with Owens, you know that was some real shit. And then Owens turned on Jericho, beat the shit out of him, and powerbombed him on the apron, and droe him therough the Festival of Friendship sign. I think Owens needed this, but only if he goes on to beat t he shit out of Goldberg at Fastlane. And a proper face turn for Jericho is probably due.

(Raw) OK, I'm happy that Bayley got her first title win, but why here, why now? It wasn't really built to, it wasn't really a chase, there wasn't really a story to it. Dana Brooke reappeared out of nowhere, Sasha evened the odds, and Charlotte's weird PPV winning streak they're obsessed with remains intact, yay? The match was excellent, I just wish Bayley's first win was bigger.

(SD) A solid, energetic main event saw Bray Wyatt beat John Cena and AJ Styles in a triple threat. Match didn't mean a ton but it was hard fought.

(SD) Micke James got her win back in a long, decent match after Mickie James faked a shoulder injury. That's a decent way to continue their feud.

(NXT) Tyler Bate defended the UK title against Trent Severn in a match with great storytelling but a glacial pace.

(SD) Naomi announcing an "injury" on Smackdown, and Alexa Bliss cut an excellent heel romo that the crowd refused to appreciate.

(205) Akira Tozawa knows exactly what Brian Kendrick is talking about and is having none of it.

(205) Looks like RIch Swann is now using an aerial finisher, thank fuck. A middle rope twisting Phoenix Splash that they damn well better start calling the Swann Dive.


(Raw) Right out of the gate the announcers say that two matches are set for Fastlane - Owens/Goldberg and Reigns/Strowman. Of course, we all know that Gallagher/Neville is set for Fastlane as well, but hey, let's keep pretending the Cruisers aren't really part of Raw or the WWE, shall we? That'll keep crowds engaged.

(Raw) Add to the list of things that Roman Reigns is apparently stronger than: Gllows and Anderson, Gallows and Anderson cheating, Gallows and Anderson in a post-match beatdown, Gallows and Anderson when one of them has a chair. While Reigns isn't at 100%, no less.

(Raw) Braun Strowman defeated Mark Henry in the kind of match you keep Mark Henry on the payroll for. Post-match, Reigns attacked, got in some offense, and got runningslammed for his trouble.


(Raw) So I guess the Emmalina thing was an elaborate fakeout, which I like in principle, but if tonight was supposed to be the payoff, I don't get it, and if it was more of a tease, nobody cares.

(Raw) Why is Cesaro fighting Enzo Amore? How does that do anything other than confuse and annoy people?

(205) Well, it is live. Gran Metalik botches his intro match. After being introduced as "the king of the ropes", he has an awkward match with Drew Gulak where he fumbles or completely misses 2-3 signature rope moves. And his Metalik Driver kind of came out of nowhere and didn't look as good as it did in the Classic.


RAW: Kofi Kingston defeated Bo Dallas who's back to generic jobber, I guess. The ice cream thing continues to be teased. Jack Gallagher beat Noam Dar in a standard Cruiserweight match with a pretty standard crowd reaction.  Samoa Joe said some stuff backstage. I guess he mentioned Sami Zayn and I missed it, because after Zayn beat Rusev and called Joe a sellout in the post-match promo, joe choked Zayn out on the ramp. Guess that's it for Zayn-Jericho?

SMACKDOWN: Dean Ambrose got beat up by Baron Corbin on the way to a match with James Ellsworth. American Alpha had a competitive win over The Ascension. Randy Orton promised he wouildn't fight Bray Wyatt.

NXT: Otters squashed jobbers. DIY and Revival and Otters of Pain did some Setting Up A Triple Threat business, but DIY-Otters rematch is in two weeks. Aussie Mean Girls defeated Liv Morgan and Ember Moon to set up somehow a triple threat for the #1 contenders.

205: TJ Perkins and Neville had a solid match that I would have snuck into the Good section on pure ability if it had meant anything at all. Also, post-match, Gallagher ran down, which is out of character for him. Neville attacked first, but Gallagher stood tall in the ring.

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