Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh, The Metahumanity! (Feb 13-16)

Problem solved. NEXT!
Arrow takes an epic misstep in the midst of a pretty good season, while Powerless starts to learn how to use its powers for good.

Agents Of SHIELD: "The Man Behind The Shield" (20% Stupid)

You know what I'm not a fan of? Shoehorning a retroactive backstory to justify a relationship between two characters as a substitute for the show building the relationship on its own. Regardless of whether or not I think Coulson and May being a thing is a good idea or not, this shortcut doesn't help things.

On the other hand, EVERYBODY'S A ROBOT NOW, which is an awesome twist I never saw coming, and the twist and the way it came about were both pretty awesome. So take the flashbacks out of this episode and I'm totally happy.

Arrow: "Shadow Of The Gun" (60% Stupi)



Just... no, Arrow. You cannot reconcile anything that happens in this show's world with the mass shooting / gun control debate in ours. You can't fucking dance around the gun control debate and then pass a Magical Bill That Splits The Difference and never say what it's magical solution actually is. This episode had nothing but ham for hands, and its only saving grace was the Diggle/Dinah subplot, which wasn't great, but was way better than the mix of platitudes and statistics they dropped in to make this a Very Special Episode.

Powerless: "Sinking Day" (75% There)

Now that;s more like it. First, the episode focuses on Van, who's the strongest comedy character on the show. Second, Emily is mostly done with the fish out of water stuff, at least this week. Third, the B plot about whether or not their co-worker is secretly a superhero is the kind of subverted sitcom subplot I expect from an office comedy about superheroes, and the final resolution to it was fantastic.

Sure, some of the jokes are still overly broad in a non-self-aware way, and yeah, the sets still look like a desperate attempt to make bright colored paint look like real things, but more ilke this, Powerless. Thanks.

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