Monday, February 5, 2024


 It was an impulsive idea to see if the Mario movie toys were on clearance anywhere and it was a place someone had given me a gift card to. So. Mario!

Mario characters have been a hole in the collection that I’ve been aware of for a bit. Scale’s been a bit of an issue. Very little Mario toys have been in the six inch scale. But the Mario movie line from Jakks Pacific were.. close? I mean, none of them have ever really read as “as tall as a normal person”, so I figured they’d fit. And they were cheap.

I got Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Tanooki Mario. They’re all very nice for what they are. Well sculpted, well painted, and while not crazy articulated, they’re very functionally articulated with unobtrusive joints for their size. The Marios clock in around 5 inches, Luigi’s a bit taller. Bowsrer is 7-8.

I didn’t get Peach because she’s essentially a figurine / traffic cone. There IS a Peach in a Mario Kart motorcycle outfit with good jointage, but it’s by no means an iconic look. And I skipped Toad because the clearance price wasn’t that good and, being a smaller guy, his articulation was even more limited.

Bowser has a light-up mouth feature. It also allegedly “breathes fire” by atomizing some water vapor, but if it’s working, I can’t see it. But that’s OK. I didn’t get him for the special features, though I do love a light-up anything.

Mario comes with a plunger, which must be a movie thing.

Luigi comes with a lantern, which I think is a Luigi’s Mansion thing? 

Tanooki Suit Mario comes with a leaf, not pictured, because he can’t hold it. I would have loved a ball joint in the tail, but other than that, he’s very good.

Anyway, solid representations of the characters for a devent price, which is all I was really looking for. 

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