Tuesday, February 13, 2024

ACQUISITION: AEW Authentic Scale Ring Featuring Sting


So, yeah, I bought a second ring.

Mentioned this already, but wanted to give the ring and the Sting their due as an actual toy and acquisition with some more specifics about the differences.

Biggest difference is the pack-in figure. Aubrey Edwards was a person unavailable in figure form, with two extra hands. They’ve made Stings before, and this is a pretty dull Sting, with just pants and sweatshirt. It’s not a bad representation of Old Sting as these things go, and my only other Sting is an old WCW figure with lots of detail but almost no mobility, so it’s not awful, but it is decidedly unfancy and not particularly exciting.

Where the extra value came in for me, aside from the unbroken ringpost, is the Rampage-specific ring mat, the Rampage-specific ring apron, the TNT and additional AEW turnbuckle pads, and the second set of properly compatible (i.e. fits around the square ring posts) ring steps. The first ring I got had eight Double or Nothing turnbuckle pads and four AEW ones, while this ring has eight AEW and four TNT, so that adds a lot of flexibility.

Do I wish they sold other ring aprons? Absolutely. Seems like a no-brainer, honestly. Dynamite, Collision, and the various special events and PPV’s. Of course, now that AEW has switched to LED aprons on two sides of the ring like WWE, finding some way to simulate that might be a project for later in the year. Maybe a LEGO frame and printed labels?

Beyond that, it’s the same ring as the first one I got - well designed, well made, and the biggest problem is that the thick fabric ring mat does stuff to figures’ ability to stay standing. So extra hassle.But still great for photos, especially now that I have [FORESHADOWING OF NEXT POST].

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