Thursday, February 15, 2024

FIG PHOTOS: “Dawn Of Hookhausen Remaster”, “Danhausen Debut”

 So, yeah, here’s the new version of The Arena and the new tools paying off.

Here’s the new, improved version of The Dawn Of Hookhausen, recreating when Danhausen was going to offer Hook some birthday chips but ran afoul of the Cold Hearted Devil’s temper and got pushed over. 

The only thing missing is the bow around the chips I had in the original, because if you think I can keep track of a tiny bow on a tiny bag of chips for three months you have not met me.

The best part? This actually happened on Rampage, so I was able to use the new accurate ring mat to really approximate the placement of both Hook, Danhausen, and the chip bag. 

Here’s the original for comparison, by the way.

For my second test of Arena 2.0, I wanted to recreate what was, for me, my biggest mark-out moment in all of AEW, and possibly all of wrestling - the surprise debut of Danhausen getting pulled out from under the ring dduring the Adam Cole - Orange Cassidy match:

Here’s where the affinity Photo 2 came in extra handy, creating more crowd and barricade behind the ring that the original background lacked, in addition to the fixed artifacting around the ropes and ring posts. In terms of matching the original footage, this is quite a bit more zoomed out than the actual episode, but I think I got the positioning preey spot on.

Bonus thanks to the three cubic millimeters of decade-old poster tack we were able to find, allowing Adam Cole to hold onto that chair. I have since acquired a normal amount of the fresh stuff.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with how things are going. Now I just need some new ideas and projects to use it on… sometime in March when I’m gonna have time to set everything up again.

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