Sunday, December 3, 2023


Hasbro Pulse also had a sale. Hasbro Pulse’s sale was 25% off. Hasbro Pulse still had beholders. Fuck yeah I got a beholder.Specifically, the D&D Golden Archive Xanathar, a name I have to look up every single time I need to use it. It may be a specific beholder, but since there’s only one beholder action figures, it’s just a damn beholder to me.

All the tentacles are articulated to a degree, on hinge/ball joints at the base. Getting them on sucked, and they have slightly more of a propensity to pop off than I’d love, but man, does it look good.

He comes with a base that looks like a pile of gold that you have to get him on hust so, and a pet fish, which makes no sense to me but is also very, very cool.

Of course, Hasbro’s sale had a minimum purchase limit. Luckily for me, I was at three out of six of the Honor Among Thieves movie line, so…

Edgin, Doric, and Xenk. AKA Chris Pine, the shape-changer, and the weird but competent paladin. 

Like the rest of the line, they’re vey Black Seriesy, in that you’d think they’d have more joints and they definitely don’t. Although Doric at least has double knees. She comes with a “turning into an owlbear” arm cover, Xenk comes with a sword who, in a first for a Hasbro weapon, had the hild snap in half while I was putting it in his hand (he can still hold it, just much more precariously).

Chris Pine comes with a lute, a lute sling, and what I’m pretty sure is the movie’s McGuffin, but it’s been like six months since I’ve seen it. It’s a small bit of black plastic that kind of looks, from a distance, like a misshapen flip-flop. It must be important.

Already having some photo fun with all of these, which you’ll see soonish.

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