Monday, December 4, 2023

HOLDAY SALE CRAP PART 3: Two Random, Cheap Hasbros


I’ve learned it’s a good idea to just stack my Entertainment Earth cart with preorders until I hit the free shipping point, and then sit for a bit, because sometimes, they have a couple of dirt cheap figures on a bonus sale where they end up being like eight bucks each, so you just add them to your preorder cart, and boom, free shipping. Hence, Dark Trooper.

Not gonna lie, at the original deluxe figure price of $30+, the Dark Trooper would have been a disappointment. I mean, it looks good, but I can’t see any reason why the elbow and knee joints only go to 90. There’s also a bit of looseness and slight jankiness about the whole thing. I mean, it comes with boot jet blast effect, which is nice, and a couple of  alternate fist hands that make very little sense, but the chest overlay is kind of floppy and the whole thing feels cheap. So, like eight bucks cheap! No complaints at that price point!

Similarly, the new addition to my ever-growing Normie Squad, another DUDE! IN! SUIT!

Yes, it’s Everett Ross, a.k.a. Martin Freeman’s Tolkein White Guy from the first Black Panther, who was part of the Wakanda Forever wave earlier this year, and who I passed on, because come the fuck on. Even with my penchant for dudes in suits, Martin Freeman is no Mark Ruffalo. 

Make him eight bucks, though? Now we’re talking. Swell the ranks of NORMIE SQUAD!

He doesn’t even come with accessories, although what would he come with? He does come with one of Attuma’s arms and two of Attuma’s weapons, the latter of which might come in handy at some point, I guess. At least he has more joints than the D&D dudes.

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