Wednesday, December 20, 2023

ANOTHER EARLY PREORDER: Affordable Chainsaw Man!

I mean, I -assume- they’d be mortal enemies?

I really enjoyed Chainsaw Man So it was a goddamned shame when all the action figures from the show were in lines with $70+ price points.

Luckily, Bandai’s Anime Heroes line of $25 figures made a very nice Chainsaw Man. Build-wise, he reminds me a lot of the Tekken figures, which I recentlylearnerd were also Bndai. He’s got fantastic range of motion, good sculpt, good paint, and a soft plastic shirt front and tie.

Would I have loved any accessories at all? Sure. Would I have loved elbows that bent farther? Always. Chainsaw Dog? Woulda been great. But I got my Chainsaw Man for a price point I enjoy, and that’s what matters. 

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